Hand Sanitiser

Bertha’s Revenge ‘Herd Immunity’ Hand Sanitiser

Bertha's Revenge 'Herd Immunity' Hand Sanitiser

We are acutely aware that businesses across this little island have been deeply, and in some cases devastatingly, affected by the fallout from the Covid pandemic.

Now that restrictions are being lifted, we can look forward collectively to slowly emerging from this episode and opening for business once again. In addition to our gins, we would like to introduce Bertha’s Revenge ‘Herd Immunity’ Hand Sanitiser to you too!

When the market for gin was rather quiet in recent months, we were fortunate enough, like many other distilleries, to be able to diversify into the production of hand sanitiser. Working to World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended guidelines, we have created a liquid sanitiser that at 80% ABV is fully effective, and also smells rather good having a small percentage of gin as a constituent ingredient!

In the short to medium term the health and reassurance of staff and customers will be paramount, and regular and visible use of an effective sanitiser is going to be a feature of operational policy.

It is suitable for all atomiser and spray delivery systems, be they hand held, wall-mounted or free-standing static units.

At present we are offering it to the trade in the following formats:

  • 1 litre carton: €5.75 ex VAT
  • 2.5 litre carton: €11.00 ex VAT
  • 5 litre carton: €20.32 ex VAT

Carriage is charged at €8.00 ex-VAT per delivery address.

Later this summer we will be adding 50ml/100ml/200ml atomiser spray formats to the range for personal use and for reception areas, loos and guest bedrooms.

For orders, sample requests or enquiries please contact us at info@ballyvolanespirits.ie

We look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime wish you the best of luck for your business as you fan the embers back into a flame.