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Stout's out, gin's in for the o'boozers by Susan d'Arcy in The Sunday Times

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If you think drinking in Ireland means a pint of Guinness followed by many more pints of Guinness, think again. The country is in the grip of a trendy new booze culture. Stout is out, gin is in — and in Dublin, the first new whiskey distillery in 125 years has opened. Artisan booze-makers are springing up across the country, creating great drinks in small batches.

My quest to find Ireland’s coolest new distillers began outside Cork at Ballyvolane House, a quirky hotel where they make Bertha’s Revenge, the latest craft gin to hit the market. The mansion has charm infused in every sagging chaise longue, as well as six guest bedrooms that don’t bother with trifles such as keys. “Most people stumble back to the right room,” says the hotel’s twinkly-eyed owner, Justin Green.

Fantastic article. Thank you so much Susan.