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19 Irish Drinks You Must Try This Paddy's Day (That Aren't Guinness) by GastroGays

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19 Irish Drinks You Must Try This Paddy’s Day (That Aren’t Guinness)

Nothing against the good ‘ol pint of the black stuff, but Ireland’s drink game goes way beyond stout. Come througgghhhh & clink drinks! Sláinte.

The idea of a ‘milk gin’ might sound a bit peculiar to you, especially as it’s named after the world’s oldest cow, but believe us: this gin is something else! Made in West Cork by Ballyvolane House using alcohol whey (a cheesemaking by-product), as apposed to barley or wheat grain, and filled with local botanicals – some foraged right off the trees and meadows – this gin’s delicate flavour is both soothing and surprising. You’ll taste cardamon, cumin and sweet citrus on first sip.

Great stuff gents, thank you much!