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It’s hard to find a gentleman who doesn’t enjoy a gin and tonic, and now that the British summer has finally decided to show up (late to the party) it’s the finest time of year for the UK’s most traditional tipple.

Over the past few years gin has, undoubtedly, had a renaissance and now there’s more choice then ever for unusual and interesting blends. Gin isn’t as heavily regulated as other spirits such as whisky in terms of what it can be blended with, so here is a round up of exciting botanical concoctions to take your G&T to the next level…

Bertha’s Revenge, Irish Milk Gin

Bertha was the name of the 48 year old cow upon which this gin is based. Unusually, it is made from whey (as in ‘curds and whey’). The gin has a slightly creamy texture, as you would imagine but what is perhaps the most impressive is the blend of botanicals. For me, I got a wonderful taste of cumin that reminded me of Northern Africa and my sister of India – both about as far away as you can get from Bertha’s original stomping ground! Certainly worth a try!

Cheers Anna! In good company.