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Gin Rag Review of Bertha

Bertha's Revenge Gin Hedgerow Martini

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Delighted with this review by Gin Rag. Thank you very much!

GIN OF THE WEEK: @berthasrevenge Irish Milk Gin (yes, milk) is as deliciously smooth & creamy as you’d expect.

In the crowded gin market, Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk Gin (yes, milk) certainly stands out. Indeed, not every gin is made with whey alcohol and named after a legendary cow who lived to 48-years-old.

Following a trip from County Cork to London and a discussion with Charles Maxwell of the Thames Distillery (who seems to have a hand in most gins in the UK), food and drink lovers Justin Green and Antony Jackson set about creating their own gin made from milk. Working up from 1 litre batches, they honed their creation, eventually establishing the Ballyvolane House Spirits Company in 2015 on an old dairy farm.

Today, special yeasts are added to the whey of Irish milk to create a spirit that is distilled with 18 botanicals and local spring water. The final result: the unique Bertha’s Revenge.