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Ode to a Kerry Cow - RTE Archives 1986

Bertha pictured with George Kelly, Bertha's owner, Justin & Antony

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Bertha, feted as the oldest cow in Ireland and renowned for producing 39 calves, Kerry’s most famous cow ‘Big Bertha’ has also been celebrated in verse.

The epic poem centres upon Big Bertha’s achievements and accomplishments, recounting her story from when she was bought on St Patrick’s Day at a cattle fair in Sneem by farmer Jerome O’Leary, to the time when she acquired her celebrity status.

“She’s a member of the Droimeann breed,

A breed that’s true and broad,

A breed that’s nearly rarer than the dinosaurs of old.

People call to see her from Galway to Kildare

And on next Easter Monday there’s a crowd going down from Clare.”

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 August 1986.