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'A Hairy Idea' by Swiss journalist Matthias Scholer

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A Hairy Idea

Bertha’s Revenge

Ballyvolane - Ireland

An old cow, a wonderful estate in Ireland and an unusual gin. This is what this story is about, and in just that order. Everything began on New Year’s Eve in 1993 at the Blackwater Tavern in the small village of Sneem in the west of Ireland. The gathering there that night was not in celebration of the New Year, but of a much sadder occasion, the wake of a famous local, Bertha.

Bertha is world-famous. Her entry in the Guinness Book of Records proves so. She died at the grand old age of 48 which is as far as a cow’s life goes could be described as ancient. It is because of this fact that she has been given the title as the longest living cow in the world. If you don’t believe me just go and visit her at Hazel Fort Farm in Killarney where she stands… stuffed of course!

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