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25 Drinks You Need To Try (Which Aren't Guinness) by The GastroGays

Gastrogays 25 Irish Drinks You Need To Try
GastroGays 25 Irish Drinks You Need To Try

published by Justin Green in News

We are delighted to be included in this impressive line-up. Thank you gents!

“Of course, we’re not against Guinness – even Bey likes the ‘G’ – and we’ve nothing but good stuff to say about ‘The Black Stuff’. But we’re here to tell you that Ireland’s drink game goes way beyond stout; there’s more that Ireland produces than that… Across the Emerald Isle, the craft brewery and small batch spirit distillery business is booming. Not just selling locally, this huge market is getting more and more fledgling players finding a national and even international audience! Here are a few suggestions to wet your whistle.”