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'Bertha's Resurrection' by Turtle Bunbury

'Bertha's Resurrection' by Turtle Bunbury

published by Justin Green in News

Author, podcaster, broadcaster, historian and our dear friend Turtle Bunbury stumbled upon Big Bertha’s wake on New Year’s Eve in 1993. This kind of thing happens to Turtle all the time which makes him almost as remarkable as Bertha! Without Turtle, we would not have discovered Bertha and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for bringing Bertha to our attention. Turtle recently published a wonderful article entitled “Bertha’s Resurrection” for his website turtlebunbury.com.

turtlebunbury.com is a subscription only website but well worthwhile as it contains a vast archive of hundreds of historical articles covering everything from the Bronze Age to the Big House, from Viking warriors and Georgian beauties to the origins of Dublin’s pubs and street names.

Also, check out his brilliant new podcast series Turtle Bunbury’s Global Irish where he looks at some of the more extraordinary Irish people who have found fame and infamy around the world in centuries past.

  • Click here to read the article “Bertha’s Resurrection”

Thank you Turtle!