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All Together Now 2023

published by Justin Green in Events, News

Justin will be heading to All Together Now 2023 at the majestic Curraghmore Estate this coming Sunday, 6th August to participate in the chaos that is Grub Circus. Ring Master Joe McNamee has assembled an incredible line-up of delicious events and characters throughout the weekend.

Justin and Bertha’s Revenge Gin will feature in an event called A TRULY IRISH COCKTAIL. This event the annual closing event of each Grub Circus to date and it promises to be a riotous celebration of Irish spirits and magicians, stars of the Irish mixology world, who turn them into superb cocktails, and these will all consist of entirely Irish ingredients with…

  • Andy Ferreira (Cask, Paladar)
  • Seaneen Sullivan (L Mulligan Grocer)
  • Morgan Vanderkamer (Union Wine Bar & Kitchen)
  • Karl Cooney (Dublin Cocktail Lab)

And some of the very best Irish Distillers

  • Justin Green (Bertha’s Revenge Gin)
  • Adam Wall (Teelings)
  • Vicki Baird (Stillgarden)
  • Patrick Shelley (Origin Spirits)
  • Rob & Rhagya Barrett (Rebel City Distillery)
  • Anna Snook & Orla O’Connell (Valentia Island Vermouth)

Looking forward to it enormously.